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Energy Healing Helps

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Energy healing is a holistic process of activating the body's energy channels and reigniting the natural healing process of the body. energy healing is based on the scientific principle that everything is energy. Everything is made up of molecules and emits energy constantly. All the beings in the Universe are energy including furniture, walls, earth, people, land, water etc. Everybody is vibrating energetically.

When everything is energy, it can be healed with energy. Every human being works toward physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Our body is in a constant process of generating and consuming energy. Our heartbeats using energy impulses, and our stomach digests producing heat energy. Our nervous system communicates with the entire body using complex energy pathways. Many times, these energy channels are blocked due to various reasons. Energy healing (multiple modalities) is used by an energy healer to remove these blocks energetically from the system.

There are various healing modalities used by practitioners. The ones that I use in my practice are Access consciousness, chakra healing, pranic healing, reiki, angel healing, joyous body protocol (light key systems), akashic records reading and many more. In these modalities, a practitioner uses steps wise processes to remove these blocks to help the body to activate its natural healing process. These healing therapies aid in pain relief, release emotional pain and help build a better state of mind as well as physical wellbeing.

Experiences as an Energy healer

A woman in distress

  • A woman contacted me when a friend of mine told her about my work of counselling and Access consciousness (a healing modality). She had fibroids in her uterus and a menstrual cycle of 15 days every month. Due to this, she was unable to conceive even after 7 years of her marriage. Adding on to her troubles, her husband had found somebody outside the marital bond. The couple had even tried for IVF twice but failed. She narrated all of it and I counselled her to look at her situation from a different perspective and ran her Access Bars (a healing process). After the session, I told her to try to conceive naturally. The next day, she told me that it was a new beginning for her as she had never felt this different and fresh. After 4 months she contacted me again to give the news of her pregnancy and many problems had got resolved including her husband coming back to her after the session.

Identity of being a woman:

  • A woman was suffering from PCOD for many years. She came to me for Akashic records reading (refer to my services to know more). We had an intense session. This session guided her to take certain concrete steps on her healing journey. She was asked to identify her true feminity and love herself in every possible way. She did everything along with changing her diet and exercise routines. A month later she informed me that she was free from her condition.

Case of my grandfather:

  • My grandfather had a peaceful death 2 years back. He went smoothly in his further journey beyond his human body and this earth. However, in 2018 he was in a semi-conscious state for more than 10 days. In this condition, he wouldn't recognise anyone in the family, won't eat, and his mouth would drool all day. We all were heartbroken to see him in this state. One evening, I ran a process of access consciousness on him. The next day to all our amazement he was back to his normal self. He started talking to us, doing all his daily chores and demanded food. For the next few days, I kept clearing his aura and energising his body. He led a healthy life until April 2020 when his health declined again. This time again I ran the Access consciousness process and he took his journey abode in June 2020. He was 98 years old.

There are many such cases in my 7 years of practice in energy healing and 10+ years of practice as a mental health professional that shows instant changes in peoples' life and wellbeing. All you need to do when you choose a healing session is to come with an open mind to receive. This is when your body shows you miracles.

- Gurjot Kaur

Spiritual life coach, Healer & Counsellor

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