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Abundance in Self-work

This morning when I sit to put my thoughts together, I realise the world around me has changed too many folds in these last few weeks. It looks more beautiful, serene, cordial and kind. This is what I always dreamt of; being able to cherish these refreshing mornings, hearing the birds sing, and seeing trees and plants sway in happiness. All have come together in a perfect blend. This observation makes me conscious that it’s my turn to contribute to preserving and maintaining this new reality through self-work.

Self-work sounds like a mundane daily chore. However, I view it as an essential skill all mankind needs to engage in. Self-work is described as an act of self-improvement. It involves doing activities that we like or enjoy thoroughly. As kids, it was easy to engage in singing, dancing, running around, and making merry and living life with complete fun and ease. This is what most of us lost in the process of growing up. Unknowingly we all agreed to and now practice that laughing uncontrollably, shouting your lungs out, and touching and feeling everything around are all parts of childhood. It seems learning also ended with it. Nevertheless, the time is NOW, to let go free your spirits, re-develop your hobbies, let go of your fears and build your true being by respecting and engaging with yourself.

The question that comes to mind is – is self-work different from self-care and self-love? While diving deep into it, I believe self-work encompasses both of it and at the same time working to develop certain skills better than what you had earlier. Self-care is all about taking care of yourself, your body and being, whereas self-love is accepting yourself as you are and then constantly nourishing it. Self-work brings both together to build a better person of you. It creates a different “You” with renewed skills and awareness. This builds a unique connection without the true you who is more profound and dynamic than it appears to be. I believe this is what it means to contribute to the present awareness in this world of constant shifts and turns. As you start this work, you resonate with the present world that is kind, genial, tranquil and nurturing. How to achieve this resonance with oneself? This is possible in various ways. Do what you like. Listen to yourself, your inner voice will lead you to unique interests to work upon. Few of them as I practice are meditation, abstract painting, gardening, talking to plants in my garden, playing with my pet (my cat - Simba), dancing crazily, mindful breathing, laughing loudly, writing (newly developed skill), sharing my learnings with others, attending various self-developing workshops, doing energy work (my interest, passion), random acts of kindness, listening without judgments and many more. As Bhavya Gaur (my Akashic Records teacher) says, “we are threads of the same web. What we decide to do or not do, contributes to the greater vibration.”

Now is the time to contribute your bit to this world and its resetting mode by planting the seed of self-connection and connection with nature that will be spread to the generations to come. We are responsible to give the next generation a better world and make them better human beings by setting an example. This, in turn, will be a contribution to our Planet and Mother Earth.

Here I come to my last question: What uniqueness can I build in me to create greater possibilities on this planet? (must ask yourself)

- Gurjot Kaur Chandan

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